This fall of 2020, the medieval castle of Pratteln is being cast into a shine of contemporary art and sound.


From October 9 through 27, 2020 the facade of the castle of Pratteln is featuring the visual projection of animated painting accompanied by a musical composition during the evening hours. Inside the castle, a varied program of concerts, lectures and art exhibition is taking place during this period. For program details : www.farbklang.org


This is a collaborative project by the artist Nicole Schmölzer and the musician Bernhard Dittmann. Each is working from her/his own discipline towards a combined visual and musical composition with which they create a new cover for the symbolic monument of Pratteln/Basel country.


The project title „Farbklang“, translated as « color resonance » refers hence to the resonance of color, as well as to the coloring of sound in the reversed order „Klangfarbe“.

 Both artists create with their individual work process a common premiere. It is a new kind of project realization for Pratteln. Equal to being a platform, the castle is at the same time a scene for presentation as well as for action. With this project they are creating different possibilities for the public to meet, as well as offering opportunities for artists and performers to meet with the public.

The project « Farbklang » offers a lot of stimulation for different tastes : for art lovers, the inhabitants, music enthusiasts, discoverers of the new, culture sceptics, passerbys, culture supporters among many others.


Speaking about the idea for the project, Bernhard Dittmann sums it up, « with this realization, we are conjuring a symbol for a fundamental situation of life particular to Pratteln, one that involves an interface between tradition and the contemporary world, through an interplay between the historic monument and the technically enriched music and art. »


Nicole Schmölzer describes the outdoor projection as « colortone pouring out of the ground by counteracting gravity, covering the north facade of the castle with a relentless stream of color, pink mixed with grey, white and black, developing shortly into forms and figures which then dissolve, mix, until gliding up the wall in a rhythm of unstoppable flowing, which finally fully takes over. Simultaneous to the visuals and in accordance with them, fast tonal sequences sound into our ears. In the beginning, it is a constant pounding tone which slowly expands, similar to the flowing colors, culminating in its biggest expansion. »

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Über uns

Nicole Schmölzer
Neusatzweg 21
4133 Pratteln

T 061 821 45 55
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Bernhard Dittmann
St. Albanstrasse 10
4133 Pratteln

T 079 792 82 22
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Personelle Besetzung


Nicole Schmölzer

Künstlerin Malerei mit Öl, Tusche, Aquarell und Video. Studium der Kunstwissenschaft, Romanistik. www.nicole-schmoelzer.ch

Bernhard Dittmann 

Musiker, Sänger, Chorleiter (Cantabile Chor), Moderator; Studium der Philosophie, Germanistik, Anglistik und Sprachwissenschaft.

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